Environmental Policy

Tenerias Omega, S.A strives to maintain the highest possible production standards and is fully committed to the environment. As the fabric of nature, leather should prevail in total harmony and respect for the atmosphere and it´s natural eco-systems.

We assure that the management of environmental aspects and the eventual risks of the tanning industry are totally integrated in all our processes.

The environmental sustainability is the base of our business and production.

For the implementation of these principles, Tenerias Omega has the most modern techniques for the improvement of solid waste and waste water. We promote the policy of minimise the use of water.rEnvPoli

In this sense, we recycle the bath and soaking fluids and promote the use of non-aggressive – environmental friendly chemical products.

One example of our commitment to the environment can be seen in the project we are currently working on of integral chrome recycle during the tannage process.

Tenerias Omega, S.A is committed to implementing best practices in every aspect of our environmental, safety and health policies.

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