rLab1Tenerías Omega has a contemporary laboratory, with modern equipment which allows the execution of the most important leather tests.

rLab2Every single batch is tested prior to shipment; this guarantees the consistency of colour, shine and surface feeling between different deliveries. It also assures that the technical specifications and characteristics are met.

Likewise Tenerias Omega has a well-trained workforce on board who make a meticulous selection of all the production batches to assure that the final aspect and quality are compliant to the standards.

Some of the technical tests carried out by Tenerias Omega are:

– Light fastness (DIN 75202)
– Tear-strength (DIN 53329)
– Tensile strength (DIN 53328)
– Elongation (DIN 53328)
– Rubbing fastness (Veslic and crockometer) (DIN 53339)
– Abrasion resistance (Taber). (DIN 53109 / IUF470)
– Flammability (Far 25853)
– Colour measurement by spectrophotometer
– Gloss measurement by gloss meter (ISO 2813)
– Finish adhesion (IUF 470)
– Stitch tear resistance (DIN 53331)
– Flex endurance (DIN 53326 / IUP4)
– Lastometer test (IUP 9)
– Hydrophobation (IUP 10)
– Resistance to the grain burst (IUP 9)
– Fogging (DIN 75201B)
– Shrinking behaviour in different conditions of heat
and humidity (climatic chamber)
– Seat belt test (FMVSS 209)


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