Production Process

Processes undertaken in a tanning company consist in the transformation of the raw hides to the finished leather. The raw materials supplied to Tenerías Omega are from premium west-European origins. Our company carries out integral process ranges from the raw material to the finish product, thus guaranteeing, full product homogeneity.

The production process is divided in three main operations groups:
1. Wet operations.
2. Drying operations.
3. Finishing operations.


Showed at this diagram it is possible to appreciate the different steps that make up the production process.

1. Wet operations.

In the first stage the whole leather piece is treated using wet drum-mills in which various combinations of baths, chemical rProd1products and mechanical processes take place. The leather undergoes several mechanical processes to eliminate and segregate parts of the leather which are not to be processed at our factory, defining the product towards the product the customer is requiring , i.e. thickness, physical appearance, properties, colour, etc.
Leather used in automotive upholstery are mainly chrome tanned, although there is a growing demand for non-chrome tanned leather or for leather tanned without contents of mineral salts, exclusively tanned with syntans, polymers, and vegetable tanning agents.

2. Drying operations.

rPieles_TintesOnce the skin has been tanned and dyed it is dried. This involves a series of operations that link the wet and the finishing operations.

3. Finishing Operations.

rProd2Finishing operations are carried out on leather pieces towards the end of the manufacturing process.
These operations are crucial to create the main characteristics, quality and personality of the finished item such as appearance y classification, finish, feel and physical properties; Physicals are the specifications that describe how the product will responds to use and handling, and are determined by standardised tests.
In Tenerías Omega we use modern chemical products for the finishing of our leathers. These chemical agents, that substitute the former solvent-based chemicals, have been recently developed and contain a water base being thus friendlier to the environment.
It is important to highlight that we also have a state-to-art computer network with machinery and equipment throughout our facilities. This creates real time information of each process of each section.
Thanks to this infrastructure and our in-house developed software, we obtain comprehensive information from each production lot.
Likewise, all lots are perfectly identified throughout the whole manufacturing process and bear its corresponding documentation and records.[/vc_column_text]

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