Leather care

It is not compulsory to clean the leather regularly

But in any case, it is important to avoid an accumulation of dirt and grease, because the longer it is left, the more difficult it is to remove, and will finally create an abrasive effect over the leather´s protective coat which can damage it.

If we want to make a more intensive cleaning

We need to use products specifically designed for the upholstery cleaning (they are not the same than for shoe upper leather), and if we want to clean any stain (grease, ink), we need to use specific products designed to remove these products from finished leather.

Never use waxes or spray polishers

Due to the fact that they contain silicon, neither any kind of solvent, high alkaline cleaners, acid based products, products containing bleach, nor ammoniated cleaners.

It is very important to take into account

Not to use inappropriate products that may damage the leather modifying the touch (more sticky), aspect (more glossy), or even producing a colour transfer (when solving the finishing).

It is also not recommended

Dry cleaning and steam cleaning as they can damage the leather finishing, producing a premature cracking, changing the hand, or even discolorations.

Regular cleaning can be done simply

By using a damp cloth, avoiding soaking the leather, and avoiding rubbing it excessively. After a short period of time, the operation can be repeated rubbing slightly with a damp soft and dry.


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