Tenerias Omega renews LWG Certification

Tenerias Omegas has renewed its certification by the Leather Working Group (LWG) as a leather manufacturer that complies with the LWG Environmental Audit Protocol. LWG’s protocol identifies environmental best practices in the industry and provides guidelines for continual improvement. With certification to the LWG protocol, Tenerias Omegas attests that its facilities are compliant with environmental regulations and its processes are sustainable. …

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From the Leather Industry to the Building Sector: Potential Applications of Discarded Solid Wastes

From the Leather Industry to the Building Sector: Potential Applications of Discarded Solid Wastes The leather industry is an example of circular economy, as it uses meat industry wastes (hides and skins) as raw materials. However, the process of tanning also produces a substantial amount of organic waste. A research project studies the case of Tenerias Omega, committed to a …

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What makes Wet Green a great innovation? A post around the sustainability of the new tannage technology.

WET GREEN, the latest innovation from Tenerias Omega, is a unique tannage technology that uses olive leaves, which are naturally rich, in the tanning process. This revolutionary leather is completely biodegradable and avoids any toxic substance, making it completely safe. This innovative process results in less water and chemicals usage during the wet phase of the tanning process. This environmentally …

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 Tenerias Omega, has gained the ISO21702- ISO16187 anti-viral certificate for two anti-bacterial leather

This last June 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Named Fresco and Rocket, the ranges are suitable for use in private and commercial aircraft. A team of technicians at the tannery developed a formulation that sees coatings incorporated into the leathers at different stages of production. The company explains this process ensures high safety standards by preventing bacteria from …

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